Customer service is a top priority at Crown Data Systems. We know that air freight trucking is a demanding industry, requiring our customers to be on the top of their game at all times. Our unique air freight trucking software is tailored specifically to meet your needs and is backed by an outstanding technical support team. Rest assured that when you choose Crown, you are choosing the best of the best for your business and shipping customers. 

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UnicornCrown Data Systems has been the perfect partner to meet the demands and challenges of the on-demand and time sensitive air cargo pickup and delivery industry. The core program of Crown Freight Manager combined with EDI connections, mobile application, and mapping features gets the job done quickly and correctly. I could not be more satisfied with the entire staff, from sales to support, that are part of the team at Crown Data Systems.

Brooks Cotgreave

Unicorn Transportation

LykesBefore committing to Crown Data Systems, I had concerns about the out of pocket expense, return on investment and was worried that my staff would have difficulties learning how to navigate the new system. After coming on board, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how many other freight forwarders use this software. What pleases me the most is the customization this product offers, particularly that you can leave notes in the system for each order entry. I would recommend Crown Data Systems to any freight forwarder looking to streamline and simplify their process.

Joe Fitzpatrick

Lightning Express Delivery Service, Inc.

LykesAfter a lengthy decision making process, our company made the switch from our old software to join Crown Data Systems. After being well versed in Crown Freight Manager’s (CFM) capabilities, I was pleased by the ease of use (user interface is great) and by Crown’s automation, from EDI transmissions to automatic status updates and electronic invoicing. With Crown I am able to “set it and forget it,” streamlining our freight management process. CFM takes an order from inception to collection and does not miss any steps in between.Additionally, CFM is backed by an excellent technical support team who are just a phone call away.

Derrick Page

Lykes Cartage