In August of 2015, the Crown Data Systems team took a trip to a small town in Western New York to take on one of the toughest events known to man. In the midst of fun runs, colorful 5K’s and beer miles, the Tough Mudder stands on its own. Twelve grueling miles with obstacles designed to train the British Special Forces, complete with electrocution, freezing waters and twelve foot walls. Did we mention that everything is covered in mud?

Somewhere between the three hour car ride (including a one hour detour for misdirection – we should have used Crown Maps!) and mile twelve, the team came together to form cohesive, creative and strong relationships. The Tough Mudder required communication, teamwork and organization, all vital requirements your air freight trucking team must have to succeed.

Now, we’re not saying that your dock crew needs to run twelve miles for effective team building – for what it’s worth, only a few of Crown’s employees said that that would do it again – however, providing a recreational opportunity for your employees to work together is crucial in motivating and empowering your air freight cartage team. We love team building for its ability to create a united front, allowing everyone to make contributions while achieving at their highest potential.

From pickups and deliveries to dock management and your dispatch team, your air freight trucking business works as a sort of assembly line. Everyone must work together and do their part for the operations to run smoothly. Every one of your employees should know their role while still being encouraged to solve problems and contribute ideas in their own unique ways.

Besides facilitating these actions, your role as a supervisor is to set expectations by clearly communicating roles and responsibilities. Celebrating your air freight trucking team’s success, whether formally or informally, will reward your crew for a job well done. Folks want to do well in their chosen field and aim to achieve at their highest potential if you foster the right environment for success.

So if your crew isn’t up for the Tough Mudder (although 2016 registration is available now) what are your options for fun and successful team building activities? Consider weekly team lunches, employee of the month, or allowing your crew to swap roles with one another for an hour or two per week. You can also host one large event to complement the smaller changes, such as volunteering for community service, an evening of bowling or even whitewater rafting or a ropes course.

As for encouraging team building with your air freight trucking team, the possibilities are endless. Your first order of business as you resolve to build your team could be to host an informal meeting asking employees for suggestions on which activities they would most enjoy. You may be surprised by how much morale and enthusiasm improves when you dedicate the time to building a successful air freight trucking team.